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Yasai Ninja

Our crew did not understand why the developer, Recco Technology SL Yasai title Ninja in this game, when the game 3D hack and slash genre that has been released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam is about samurai, and the fact is vegetables.

Armor Academy - Shape It Up!

Toge Productions, Mojiken Studio and Amagine Interactive is one studio that game developers from Indonesia. Not long ago they had formed review games Prosperity Coalition, a collaborative program in game development. Results from this Prosperity Coalition created an interesting puzzle game called Armor Academy: Shape It Up !. Now, Shape It Up! has been launched in the Google Play Store, and this game will be our crew discussed in this review article.

Heroes Tactic - Mythiventure

Long time no review games on Windows Phone, this time my one recommendation review games Wehave steady game, exciting and challenging namely Heroes Tactic. Our crew will review Camex Games game made for you.

Valhalla Knights 2 - Battle Stances

Surely gamers have ever come across one or two games were really nice and pleasant to play. But for several reasons, the game actually feels less comfortable to play due to other factors. One of the games that fit into that category is the Valhalla Knights 2. It is true that the game is quite interesting. With enemies are quite a lot of wandering around in a dungeon, we think the challenge of this game is quite exciting. But unfortunately all it should be decreased due to the length of time that you need only… Read Article →

ARmy of Two

This game tells the two mercenary named Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios are completing the mission quietly and away from the official news media. The story revolves treason, conspiracy and revenge in the ranks of the US armed forces. In single player mode, we will choose to play Elliot or Tyson in six missions are quite challenging and a bit unrealistic. In each battle, the most powerful review games weapon is the Aggro system. Aggro system is an indication of how aggressive players face enemies that exist, Aggro meter can be filled by means of… Read Article →

Space Invaders Extreme

Nothing is better than an old game, which makes you feel old or even feel young again (depending on your perspective), especially if the game is being celebrated review games age of 30 years, even my editor took was getting old when I saw this game released. With new graphics and gameplay, multiplayer fun and a cheap price (we do not need coins), Space Invaders Extreme is present quite satisfactory.

Death Jr - Root of Evil

Maybe if you hear the games made by third parties on the Wii console, perhaps you remember only games fail like, Nitrobike, Emergency Mayhem and Obscuer: The Aftermath. With so many publishers are trying to make money by releasing review games random game on the Wii, it’s a pretty game titles without frills include Mario or Link to be very rare. What is clear Death Jr .: Root of Evil little change and the fact that this game comes in a format that is fun and very artistic.

UEFA Euro 2008.

UEFA Euro 2008 is the best football game that sold, EA Canada give the fruit of their best work in FIFA 2008 and be carried on the UEFA Euro 2008. Perhaps the only drawback to this game is, only the inclusion of the teams competing in Euro review games countries 2008 in the absence of strong clubs that normally exist in the FIFA series.


poker rating indonesia terpercaya¬†Real-uang ruang poker online terbesar kedua di dunia, 888poker, berencana untuk meluncurkan kampanye iklan televisi baru dengan harapan menarik lebih banyak pemain rekreasi. Menurut eGaming Ulasan (EGR), yang baru “Live Game” kampanye akan dimulai besok penyiaran di Inggris (UK) sebelum diluncurkan di pasar lain dalam waktu dekat. Kampanye ini memiliki tiga iklan yang berbeda dengan tiga pemain mencoba untuk keluar-melakukan satu sama lain dalam setiap situasi kehidupan hari. 888 PR dan Marketing Director Sivan Finn membahas bagaimana kampanye harus menarik untuk “pemain poker sejati¬†kingsley4judge “Ide di balik konsep ini adalah bahwa untuk… Read Article →


GRID is a racing sim type games that you can get if you follow the Need For Speed ??series, Gran Turismo or Forza. Before entering a career mode that the game is named “GRID World”, we are required to create a profile and a nickname that will be used by commentators when commenting our action on the track. After that you will go through the various races in order to get permission rookie class race and after all the processes go through, it means you are ready to enter the world GRID.

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