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Dreamfall Chapters

Back in 1961, earning Rod Serling adapted short stories for sebuauh Twilight Zone episode of the series entitled “Five Character in Search of an Exit”. In this episode, a clown, a hobo, a ballerina, bagpiper, and the army major who find themselves limited to, metals, silo-type large enclosures. There is no door or window – just a skylight that opens is too high for one of them to achieve. Character blank slates. Those who have no memory or knowledge of them, where they came from, or how they have ended up in the silo. Squeeze… Read Article →

Splinter Cell - Convictions versus mode

Cekikian me. Rich bend, crouch-walking menunju guard. It’s funny because of three reasons, 1. The walk is ridiculous, and the day I was standing laughing at the silliness of running the day terrorists have won, the death of the guard. 2. Splinter Cell Conviction’s is that above and awesomely violent, and 3. I know he does not see.


Poker sudah menjadi permainan yang mendunia saat ini. Para pemain poker dulu hanya bisa bermain di kasino kini semakin dimudahkan oleh teknologi untuk menolong mereka dalam bermain poker secara on-line pada situs Poker on-line. Semua pemain pemula pasti ingin mengetahui rahasia untuk menjadi pemain ahli dalam permainan poker, dalam permainan poker memang benar menggunakan beberapa jurus untuk memenangkan permainan poker. Waktu yang pas dalam permaianan poker on-line sangat penting kepada pemain poker on-line. Bermain dengan informasi jelas Dari lowest nominal card-playing pada poker on-line ini juga penting dimana para pemain poker on-line tentunya dapat mendapatkan banyak kemudahan saat bermain poker on-line cara bermain poker… Read Article →

ArmA 2 - Operation Arrowhead

Ribs in the sand. My eyes were pressed into infrared scope. A Blackhawk helicopter rumbled overhead, pinwheeling silhouette against the sun. It was that taking small arms fire – I could hear the pain of the bullet that jump Blackhawk’s stomach. And then, shot straight through the canopy pilot peg. A tracer containing green streak in the air, slamming trajectory evidence – bullet helicopter, died on throtte, to dust. A man armed with an AK-47 randomized simple just take a piece of steel multi million dollars from the sky through luck. Anything can happen in… Read Article →

Need for Speed World

The entire city is yours to mengekslporasi in Need for Speed ??World, a game free-to-play MMO. Although, actually, it’s only free until level ten, and it’s not an MMO. During the first ten levels, it is an arcade racer open world with an amazing sense of speed and police chases – but the journey that passes through it and things are starting to slip.

Elemental - War of Magic

The sad thing is, I’m glad it even reached this stage. When Elemental launched, earlier than expected, it barely worked. On every machine I try it, it will crash to the desktop so often to be practical that can be played, and the AI ??is so bad you can not even call it stupid – it almost does not move. That game Stardock inserted into the box, relying on day-one patch to get it to the state received. But the requirements of a game that does not include an Internet connection to play, and even… Read Article →

Front Mission Evolved

The boy’s father had disappeared, the child hop on a giant robot suit to find, children who inadvertently recruited into the army. Stories from the Front Mission Evolved, the timeless classic if I ever heard one. It’s 2171. You Damsey Dylan, a young engineer who is useful with Wanzer (in short for “wandering panzer”), and you are in thirdperson shooter where you nimble giant war machine stomps and jumps around while firing several guns very Japanese robot Other.


Web Alternatif Pokerace99 Poker memang merupakan permainan kartu yang dimainkan secara on-line pada saat ini dan telah menjadi permainan favorit para anak anak muda Masa kini. Permainan ini tentunya dapat diakses pada situs Poker on-line daftar 10 top poker online indonesia dimana pemain dapat beramin poker dengan mengakses situs tersebut dan bermain dengan menggunakan komputer atau juga dengan device. Bermain poker on-line ini memang merupakan permainan dimainkan dengan cara virtual namun pada dasarnya permainan ini tetap sama dengan permainan poker di kasino dimana pemain poker ini dapat bermain poker secara langsung pada poker on-line. Bermain poker on-line ini memang merupakan… Read Article →

Final Fantasy XIV

The best thing that can be said about Final Fantasy MMO is that he who has a good intro movie. The film that does not take ten minutes to load, he who maintain a constant framerate and you who do not have to traverse the maze of the menu screen to play it. In short, it’s all not a game. The game itself is an online RPG where you choose from a variety of races fairy, choose a class (warrior, mage or crafter) and head into the world of Eorzea kelaur to make your fortune…. Read Article →

Cities XL 2011

I’m losing more than $ 10,000 a minute. Wargaku who hates me because I’ve sold all the Ferris wheel. They are leaving in droves and spiralku farther into debt. In the city of city-building XL 2011, easy to lose, but I can never really win. You have to work hard to turn a profit and keep everyone happy. You build your city by sketching the district (residential, shopping and industries) to map large enough. Residents were divided concentrated in four classes: unskilled Workers, Skilled Workers, Executives and Elites. While they all have the same basic… Read Article →

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