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Adventure in a fantasy world that allows you to meet the unique and cute monster is a dream game fans Pokemon. Unfortunately, the second adventure game can only be played on a specific video game consoles for the mobile gamers that until now could only see from a distance the console gamers who play Pokemon or Digimon. The solution of the problem of mobile gamers who want to play a similar game Pokemon that are now found with the release Micromon, a game developed by Moga for iOS devices. It is unfortunate that until now… Read Article →

Thunder Raid

Nowadays there are a lot of game developers who create new games to theme or genre classic shoot ’em up, one example is Infinite Dreams with his game titled Sky Force in 2014. Apparently, Tencent Mobile Intenational also do not want to miss. Tionkok based company is also “spawned” a kind of mobile game named Thunder Raid. To be able to play this game Thunder Raid, you must have a network connection and internet messenger application WeChat id as a condition to log in the game. Understandably, WeChat application was also developed by the company… Read Article →

Max Gentlemen

While you frustrated playing mobile games titled Swing Copters creations Dong Nguyen, it helps you also try tasting the latest game from the team of developers The Men Who Wear Many Hats are entitled Max Gentlemen. Starting from the successful fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter in November last year, Max Gentlemen finally officially launched on August 21, 2014 and in a variety of devices, ranging from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Just look at his video trailer that looks pretty silly and entertaining. Not only his trailer just silly, as did also his game. Max… Read Article →

masha - Search and Rescue

Animated television series that is currently highly hits among children and the elderly Indonesia is Masha and the Bear. The film tells about a toddler named Masha who lived with bears in a wooden house. Russian animated series was very popular because Masha was a smart kid and adorable, though a little naughty. Mischief was sometimes often make the Bear, the bear, scrambling to make. Do you already know that the animation has issued her first official game Masha: Search and Rescue? If not, it is a game that can be operated in devices based… Read Article →

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts fighting game genre is very silly with local multiplayer system. Developed by Boneloaf, this absurd game published by Double Fine Productions on August 29, 2014 The Steam Early Access so this game is a game that has not been finished completely, still in the development stage but can be played. When viewed at a glance, Kotakes probably will not be interested at all to play games with graphics that are very ordinary and simple, or practically very minimalist. Either in detail or pewarnaanya environment. Only Gang Beasts has an appeal that is much… Read Article →

Next Car Game

If you are amazed by the feature that displays the damage to the video game racing genre, the game will be the crew that we review this time, Next Car Game, is a game which is very unusual because it displays features very real damage and unusual when compared with the racing game generally. Developed by Bugbear, Next Car Game meruipakan PC game that has been released on Steam Early Access on January 14, 2014. The game is still under development, it’s just that its existence has been quite popular for fans of racing games… Read Article →

SoccerStar Manager

At this review, we discuss the game crew themed setting soccer (football manager) from game publishers named PT. Asta Ananta Avinasi through the game portal entitled SoccerStar Manager. you need the internet connection to play. Currently, new SoccerStar can be played on Android devices, while iOS will still be followed. You will act as a manager of a football club to bring his team to be the strongest in the world, with through various competitions, tournaments, and leagues. The player is shown in the form of a card, but they will be tangible human… Read Article →


Driveclub a genre racing game developed by Evolution Studios and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game itself was released on October 7, 2014 in North America where the launch was followed by several other regions such as Europe on October 8, while the new British get this game on October 10, 2014. Unlike previous games made Evolution, MotorSport, which is more focused on off-road balaoan, Driveclub more focused on exciting races on the pavement. As its title suggests, an exclusive game console PlayStation 4 allows players to build their own racing clubs where the… Read Article →

The Tower

At this review we will discuss about the crew of a mobile gaming system with a very simple game, with a low degree of difficulty, but requires players to use a high concentration in order to get the best score and complete various missions given. Entitled The Tower, a game developed by Ketchapp system adopts an endless (endless) in which the player must be able to set up a Greek-style building using fingertips. When entering the game, nothing else except piihan tap to start building. In order to make the tower, the player must construct… Read Article →

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive is a game genre third person shooter developed by Insomniac Games and released by Microsoft Studios exclusively for Xbox One is where the game’s open world system mengadopsisi already released on October 28, 2014 in North America, while other regions will follow on October 30 2014. This game takes place in a fictional town called Sunset City in the year 2027. Humans are terrible at the city turned into a monster, called OD, after drinking energy drinks “Over Charge Delirium XT” produced by the company FizzCo at the launch of the energy drink…. Read Article →

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