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The Loot Hero, you will play as a hero who wants to save the world from the attack of the legendary dragon. Your job here is to reach the place where the dragon is and of course defeat. In total there are 5 stages you must go through to meet with the dragon. Loot Hero using side-scrolling system which means that here you simply tap and hold the screen right to advance to the right and vice versa. To go to the stage of the dragon, you have to pass through each stage diujungnya also… Read Article →


“Do not put all your eggs in one basket”. This expression may be a slogan Prodigy Infinitech in 2014, as evidenced by the release of Divosaga and Anime Saint Online recently at almost the same time. Just like Anime Saint, Divosaga is a web-based MMORPG game. But do not think this game will be a standard MMORPG game, because Divosaga actually has its own uniqueness. As you’ve read the title of this article, Divosaga has a unique form of gameplay systems like Clash of Clans. Curious is not it? Immediately, we began to discuss! Divosaga… Read Article →


In this modern era, perhaps you think that the gaming industry will be controlled by a variety of gaming with amazing graphics, full 3D detail, and HD resolution. In fact, precisely in 2014 a lot of games that remain faithful to the 2D graphics, but the art direction is done full totality. Seriousness in doing this interesting game graphics can also be seen from a variety of games with a retro style that carries the style pixel art graphics. If the first graphic pixel selected due to hardware limitations, are now the developers justu try… Read Article →


When I first heard one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, will be working on a video game, I obviously feel very excited to make. Works of Neil Gaiman others like American Gods, neverwhere, Coraline, The Sandman, and many others is the great masterpiece in terms of narrative. Setting the game has to offer is also very similar to the one that Coraline Gaiman’s novel, only with a design that is more impressed chibi characters. Unfortunately this exciting things can not save Wayward Manor of the category “games are boring”. Let us try to further… Read Article →


At the Gamescom 2014 in Germany, Ubisoft unexpectedly announced the iOS version of Valiant Hearts. The announcement was made just days after Risky daydream if the game is to get a mobile version. Then how about this iOS version quality when compared to the console and PC versions? Honestly so try playing Valiant Hearts on the iPad Mini, I felt very uncomfortable. This game is designed with a controller as a standard control, and the touch screen is definitely not a good way to control it. Examples of things that make me uncomfortable is the… Read Article →


Video games may be a medium that is still arguably young. Even so, the video game has gone through a transformation from a media that seems so full of restrictions into something that pushes the limits of modern technology. Media development that is the inspiration of the developer Shiro Games to develop their game entitled Evoland. According to its title, Evoland summarizes the evolution of video games, particularly of the RPG genre, in an adventure short, dense, and full-satire satire that offends many things about video games. Evoland born from the event Ludum Dare game… Read Article →


Did not take long for The Bitfather to present their first RPG, Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic, on various platforms. Although relying on the classic pixel graphics, the direction of this style is not always synonymous with boring game as has been proven by many similar games with graphics that are not less exciting. Are Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic has advantages compared to other similar games that have mushroomed in advance? Let’s look at my journey’s adventure fiction The Bitfather this. Nostalgic impression of a highly viscous immediately felt when starting the game and… Read Article →


Experimenting with an intellectual property that is quite popular is definitely a risky thing, especially if we are talking about intellectual property worth millions of dollars. But these experiments clearly remains necessary, for some reason reduce the saturation of the market, or to try their own luck. This is what was recently done by Ubisoft to one of their most popular series, Assassin’s Creed. First planned as part of the Season Pass Unity Assassin’s Creed, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles even appear as a separate mini series. Unlike the main series Assassin’s Creed which has a 3D… Read Article →


Fiesta Evolution has entered the stage of open beta testing (OBT) on May 26, 2015 which is a fantasy MMORPG game genre is instantly attract the attention of Indonesian gamers to play it. Air-setting in an area called Isha, players will adventure against various creatures are adorable but ferocious scattered across the world. When creating a character, there are five classes that can Kotakers select one that is Fighter, Cleric, Mage, Archer, and Trickster. Each class that has attributes and special skills and different from each other. Nevertheless, that is what will make the difference… Read Article →


Anime Saint is a browser MMORPG developed by the Great Game and will be released by Prodigy Infinitech in Indonesia. The game is inspired by Saint Seiya, anime featuring the hero with the ability of the 12 zodiac signs are very familiar ears of games, among others, cancer, gemini, taurus, leo, pisces and several others. This game presents three classes can choose to adventure gamers are Warrior, Mage, and Assassin. A case that gamers know, Warrior is a class with a high defense with a sharp sword flagship weapon to protect their members. Mage is… Read Article →

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